enclosed apiary with configurable flight path*

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for backyard beekeepers with limited space


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Introducing HoneyBower®

the enclosed apiary for backyard beekeepers

Backyard beekeepers typically have limited space and often place beehives near garden paths, sheds, patios, and lawns.

A newly installed colony might start with two to three thousand bees, and soon grow to many times that size. And if you have two hives, well, that’s a whole lot of bees buzzing around! And if your hives are located close to where your family, friends, and neighbors enjoy spending time outdoors for a bit of fresh air without getting bees in their bonnet, or perhaps just to catch a few rays, or even play croquet on the lawn without having to run around screaming and flailing away with the mallet… No matter how much you love them, they might soon become too much of a good thing.  (Of course, I mean your bees, that is!)

And this is where HoneyBower comes to the rescue!

HoneyBower is a form-fitted cover that transforms a garden structure into an enclosed apiary. A configurable opening in the roof directs the flight path of the bees up and away from outdoor living spaces and nearby homes.

HoneyBower exceeds local zoning flyover barrier height requirements* and shifts their flight activity well overhead, which keeps the area surrounding the apiary remarkably free of bees — even during their orientation flights.

Honey bees quickly learn to navigate through the flight portal in the roof and lock in the coordinates, so it becomes second nature. I greatly enjoy watching as they return to the hive with a heavy load of nectar or pollen, and slowly glide down to stick a perfect landing at the entrance to the hive.

HoneyBower creates an expanded safe zone that reduces events that trigger defensive behavior. It prevents children and pets from coming into direct contact with the hives and discourages common urban predators such as skunks, possum, raccoons — and even robbers (of the insect variety) from gaining easy access to your bees’ most precious resources.

HoneyBower is made of recyclable, UV-resistant, commercial-grade agricultural textiles and is produced with state-of-the-art sailmaking techniques to provide years of service. The upper walls and roof are made of specialty agricultural netting that bathes your honey bees in a healthful full-color spectrum of diffused light, and shields the hives from direct contact with the elements.  It is strong, flexible, and built to last.

HoneyBower is the bees’ knees for backyard beekeeepers, and here’s why: With your bees tucked safely out of the way in their HoneyBower enclosed apiary, they can go peacefully about their business without crashing your garden party.  Cheers!

* Flyover barrier height requirements vary by locale, but are typically six feet. The flight portal of the HoneyBower enclosed apiary is seven feet, three inches from the ground.


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